Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Vague & Non-Visual Update

Well, we've made it into our new apartment and have gotten 90% settled. It's been quite the process-- getting our stuff from storage, moving in the furniture, buying & assembling new furniture, and slowly putting things into place. It's been fun to live in the space for a while, learning what our flow will look like, what pieces of furniture will work best, what kind of storage we can create in our little space... 

All in all, the move wasn't too bad. I'll do a separate post about how we moved all of our stuff from VA to MA. We had awesome friends who stopped by to help move in the heavier pieces and rearrange some stuff. We also have a merciful friend who lent us their window AC unit for the rest of the summer! 

It was fun to unpack everything. Most of the stuff had been packed back in May before the wedding, and of course all of the wedding presents weren't opened or utilized before the wedding, either. Unwrapping each plate and decorative piece was like Christmas all over again... gratitude for people's generosity, and a little bit of surprise with each piece! ("Oh I forgot we registered for this! How fun! What a good job we did!")

I'll do another post with pictures of the apartment once things get a little more settled. We just got internet at our home, and most of our time outside of work has been working on getting our home situated, so a more detailed and visual post will be up as soon as we have a minute to breathe! 

But for now, we're just grateful, daily, for our home. We really do love our space, and we're excited to get it prepared for guests as soon as we can! (hint hint) And I think this is the first time we really feel married! We've certainly had other moments of "feeling married", like referring to each other as our spouse, or combining bank accounts, or vacationing together. But this is when it has started to feel more real, more permanent. It doesn't feel like a summer break or temporary situation anymore-- this is what our daily, married life will look like. Sharing our space. Planning our meals. Budgeting our finances. This is it!

And it feels so good :)

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