Friday, July 13, 2012

Goodbye Virginia!

Today was our last day calling Virginia our home. We've packed up our storage units & seen them taken away. We've packed up our car to make the 10ish hour odyssey to Massachusetts. We've gotten road snacks, an audio book, and comfy clothes laid out. We are ready!

We thought it was fitting to spend our last day enjoying our beloved commonwealth. So we went to Mount Vernon! Will has been there on several occasions, but not since the renovations. I have never been, so it felt appropriate to visit the lovely estate before we headed to our new commonwealth.

It was actually a wonderful day to do the tour. It was mild summer weather, breezy, temps in the 80s. It was very pleasant weather for walking around.

I wanted to walk arm-in-arm with General Washington, but if Will had my other arm, he covered up Martha (which I mostly cover up anyway). Instead, we awkwardly posed William on the other side of the General.

Mount Vernon has several tour guides set up throughout the mansion and estate. You walk into each area and the guide gives you the information about that particular space, then allows for related questions. A family friend of the Killmers, Ellen, works for Mount Vernon. She was kind enough to reserve our tickets, and she tracked us down after her tours had ended. Thanks Ellen!

 Don't you love those squinty eyes and windblown hair?

William's mother, Melissa, joined us for the tour. When Will's family trekked from Texas to Virginia for our wedding last month, they toured Mount Vernon at that time. Melissa had lots to add to the tour since she had just experienced it herself! My favorite exchange from these two on the tour:
Will: says some obscure George Washington fact
Melissa: How do you know that, William??
Will: I am full of knowledge, Mother.

That, actually, is a (mostly) adequate summary of my husband. "I am full of knowledge." Love it.

This is William & me behind the mansion, overlooking the Potomac River. Our beautiful state makes it hard to say "Goodbye", but we're excited for the beauty that awaits us in New England.

Farewell, Virginia!
Hello, Massachusetts!


  1. Enjoy the new, exciting journey that now awaits you. Virginia loved you and will miss you. Visit us all often! Love, Mom

  2. He is indeed full of knowledge! Great pictures. Glad that you ended VA on such a high note!!