Tuesday, July 17, 2012

H-H-H-Honeymoon! {part 1}

After our beautiful wedding ceremony and reception in Charlottesville, Va (the recap on that will come later... when I have more pics and more time to pour over the pics!), Will and I drove to Richmond, Va to stay at The Jefferson Hotel. It was divine.

The hotel package we bought included breakfast in the room, so we ordered up breakfast and then wheeled it outside onto our patio. It was a beautiful day, so we thought we'd enjoy it most outside. ... Also, there were no seats in the hotel room, but there were seats on the patio. Problem: solved.

We were still oogling our rings


We got Will's ring in Old Town, Alexandria, Va. He had it inscribed with "Perfecta Caritas 1 Jn 4:18 JHG", which is "Perfect Love" in Latin, and the verse is "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear." And my former initials, of course. My rings are originally from Will's great-grandmother. They were given to Will's aunt, and she gave them to us to use. It's nice to have a little history in my bling!

This was part of the little patio. We're all cleaned up, packed up, and ready to fly to Colorado!

bling bling

We flew into Denver, Co and rented a car to drive to Steamboat Spring, Co. This is our flashy ride.

Will's awkward pose is my fault. I told him to lean on the car for the pic. This was the result. (Sorry, huz.)

And this is my handsome chauffeur, figuring out our route to our romantic destination.

Why Steamboat Springs? Well, here was our thought process.
Honeymoon ideas:
- Travel to another country ... Will wanted to take me to Italy, since he loves it and wants to share that love with me, and I have never been. Also, an Italian honeymoon? Swoon. But we nix'ed this because of our ultimate goal for our honeymoon-- to relax! If we went to another country, we thought we'd feel obligated to go see all of the sights (and there are a billion sights in Italy), so it didn't sound very restful. Next idea.
- Beaches/Resorts ... Hmm. Two redheaded, pale skinned, freckled honeymooners in a beach resort? We didn't want to be paranoid about being non-stop sunburned (let's be real here, people), and we're not really "beach people" to begin with (I'm sure the latter statement is hinged upon the former...). 
- Places we've never been/ always wanted to visit ... BINGO! We both talked about the cities and states we'd always wanted to visit, and Seattle and Colorado kept coming up. We went back and forth for a while. We ultimately decided on Colorado because someone in Will's family gifted us their vacation cabin in Colorado for our wedding gift. Although Will has been to Colorado before, it had been several years for him, and he didn't go to Steamboat Springs. I had never been and was dying to see some mountains. Plus, having our own space would be ultimate relaxing and the freedom to do the things we really enjoy, like cooking for ourselves! 

So this is where we ended up.

Not bad, huh?

Our lovely cabin, tucked away in a little community surrounded by mountains

Set on a lake with a big porch in the back and huge sliding glass doors in the bedroom. Yup, we woke up to that scenic view every morning.

We both think we made the right decision.

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  1. Great choice! Of course I would say that as Colorado has been home for nearly 3 decades. And now that I live in the mountains instead of Denver...I am rejuvenated just being at home. "Nature is God's art."