Monday, December 10, 2012

Goober Family Visit Continues

I left off at Thanksgiving. But there was more fun to be had with Melissa, Mary Grace and Annabelle (aka the Goober Brigade) in tow.

On our way into the city

After looking at the weather forecast, we decided that Friday was a better day to traipse around Boston. We did part of the Freedom Trail, starting in the Boston Common, and making our way around the city. It was chillier and windier than just a few weeks earlier when my dad came to visit. I'm realizing that how we host visitors will greatly depend on the seasons and the weather up here. Walking around Salem or Boston on a crisp Autumn day is much more pleasant than walking around on a cloudy, windy, colder near-Winter day. We ate dinner in the city, in the North End, at an Italian restaurant we'd been to previously with some visitors back in August. After a lot of indulgent eating, we were more than ready to come home and relax.

In the Boston Common, near Park Street Church

At Paul Revere's House

A blurry picture of us at dinner in the North End

Saturday was a "tour our world" kinda day. We drove around Gordon College (we're still trying to convince MG that she should go to school there... and live in our spare room!). We walked around Gordon Conwell. We came home and relaxed a little until it was time to go see a movie-- Lincoln. Deciding on which movie was probably the hardest part of the whole visit. Wreck It Ralph? Lincoln? Twilight? (No Way) Lincoln won the vote, and most of us really enjoyed it. Will took a short nap. Mary Grace browsed Facebook. But Annabelle, Melissa and I were captivated.

Ready for church!

Sunday we ate at home and headed to church. We came home after church and had some leftovers for lunch before taking Melissa and Mary Grace into the city to catch the Amtrak back home. Annabelle, Will and I returned home. Will did some homework. Annabelle and I graded her high school students' tests while watching Home Alone. Perfectly restful evening.

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