Friday, January 11, 2013

Disposable Wedding Cameras: New Perspectives

I finally took the disposable cameras to CVS to be printed. A few notes:
- The CVS near us didn't go to great lengths to do a decent job of these... but here they are, all the same.
- In general, I don't think I'd recommend using these to future brides. The lenses get scratched easily, finger prints are on a lot of them, and the only decent ones are those taken outside. I'm sure they're fun for the guests, but I don't think we gleaned a lot of "keeper" photos from these 15 cameras.
- Even though the quality isn't great, and there aren't a lot of photos I'd have printed and framed, I'm really grateful for some of the ones I've gotten. 

I'll have a another post with more photos, grouped into another category. These show a lot of parts of our reception that Will and I didn't get to enjoy or perspectives that we missed because the celebration was all such a blur!

Without further ado...

Friends signing the quilt squares my mom put together as a "guest book" for us

I never saw the large flower displays (on the left), even though there was much discussion about them with the florist. So pleased!

Cutting the cake! (view from behind)

I love this picture! Boololly (Will's grandmother) next to the table honoring Will's grandfather with his "3:00 Chocolates"

Close up of the table.

Sneaky groomsmen trashing/decorating Will's car. We STILL have that heart confetti in the car...

Oh dear...

Bringing out our cake!!

Get that topper up there.

People actually enjoying the party! We never made it the food tables, and we got to visit with so few people. Glad people were full and happy at the end!

Outdoor seating... never saw it, but it sounds like a lot of people enjoyed the perfect weather we had on our special day.

Get that iPhone in there.

Standing during toasts. Love those flowers again!

Dance dance dance

More to come!

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  1. Had a lovely conversation with Will's grandma about his grandpa's 3PM chocolates! Personally, anytime is chocolate time!