Sunday, January 13, 2013

Disposable Wedding Cameras: Candid Characters

More treats from our disposable cameras. We are surrounded by interesting characters :)

The gold is in the lower row faces.


I'd recognize that bald head and quizzical face anywhere. 

So much personality. (Nancy, this kills me)

For some reason, I picture this as part of some Taylor Swift CD cover...

Hey girl heyyyyy!

Will's church buddies & their ladies with their youth pastor & his lady. So much history!

Was the party that draining, Mitch?



One guy on the right looks uncomfortable.
The other two are making me uncomfortable...

Um, THANK YOU for this gift of a picture.

Look at that FACE!

This was the only photo of my CCU girls! Y'all look good in not-scrubs :)

At least one person utilized those cameras...

The sassiest candid shot of them all. (I'm talking to you, Ian)

Note the amazing camera slung across his shoulder, but he's going in for the shoot with that dandy little disposable.

Strike a  pose, Mae Mae.

Wedding present for us, Caleb? 

GQ, we're ready. 

Eventually I'll put up some of our favorite professional wedding photos in a post or two. 

In other news, we had a splendid Christmas at home in Virginia, getting to visit with both of our families! When we returned, MA greeted us with a winter storm and mice in our pantry. Will is in the midst of his January-term class about World Missions, and I'm back at work, caring for the flu-ravaged Massachusetts residents. We are planning a few fun trips and adventures this semester, so you'll see some posts with those in the coming months.  

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